Boarding Schools for Children with Anger Management Issues

People often joke about anger management, but it is not funny to parents of teens who suffer from this psychiatric disorder. Their children often tyrannize the household. They can be threatening to others physically and psychologically, demonstrating physical violence, bullying, and uncontrollable rages. Teens who cannot manage their anger have been cruel to animals, punched holes in walls, and even run other cars off the road. They can be verbally abusive, punishing and vindictive, and completely unaware of other people's feelings or needs. Often their lack of regard for rules and self-restraint means they are always in trouble at school or with the law.

The good news is that psychologists know how to treat anger management with good results. Many juvenile and other court systems mandate such anger management programs in which participants learn how to deal with conflicts and understand other people's points of view. Often techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and yoga are helpful. Those with anger management issues can and do successfully learn to empathize with other people and treat them in a respectful way.

Therapeutic boarding schools work with students who need to learn to manage their anger. Away from home, these students can no longer blame their parents for their emotional difficulties. The staff teaches these students relaxation techniques, how to control their reactions, and better means of communication. The environment is structured and predictable, with regular hours for meals, study, recreation, sleep and exercise. Such structure often helps these teens calm down and stay in control.

Boarding school provides parents with a much-needed respite. It puts the problem back on the shoulders of the teen involved.

Therapy is 24-hours a day -- professionals work constantly with each teen.

Boarding schools often provide superior academics and small class sizes so students can develop new interests and a love of learning.

If parents do not address their child's anger management problems, the situation will escalate as the child gets older.

Boarding schools are expensive, although some offer loans and financial aid.

Students with anger management often fight placement in boarding schools because they do not like rules and structure.

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